Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ex-Classmates Gathering Session

I do not like attending gatherings with my ex-classmates. It had always been a session where everyone was "comparing" with each other, whoever had switched to more high-flying careers or someone had a new addition to their family.

As for me, it seemed that nothing much had changed. I am still broke, out of a job and still living in my sister's house. The loads of application letters that I had sent out had already turned into ashes and buried deep in the ground at some places which I may have walked on but not aware of.

Everyone has moved forward in their life while I am still lagging behind and stagnant. Quite often, while watching them conversing and updating each other on their latest changes, I would begin to visualise myself ten years from now.

Ten years later,
will I be walking past them on the street dressed in shabby clothes and looking haggard one day ?
will I be struggling to perform small tricks in the underground MRT station while they stand opposite me watching ?
(I think I am having too much time in my hands.)

This whining reminds me of a comment given by one successful businessman in an interview. He said, "Successful people never sit down and whine or think about what is life because they do not have time to do so. They are so busy working that they do not think of things that are not practical to them."

Words of wisdom and truth. Ouch, ouch, my heart hurts.

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