Friday, June 8, 2007

Son Purchasing Father's 1 Hour of Time

This story was related by a Radio DJ over the radio station.

A father was so busy with his work that he normally returned home late at night. One night, he found his son waiting for him at the doorstep. The son greeted the father and asked his father sheepishly, "Dad, how much are you paid for working an hour ?". Though, the father was very perplexed at his son's question, he still answered "20". Upon hearing this, the son's eyes looked downcast and his face seemed disappointed.

The father became concerned and inquired his son for the reason he was asking this question. The son, instead of replying his father, asked his father to lend him 10 dollars. The father turned angry, reprimanding his son, "Why do you need so much money to purchase some worthless toys ?". Without waiting for his son's explanation, he sent his son to his bedroom. The father sat down feeling very angry but cooled down after few minutes and began to regret his attitude. He went into his son's bedroom.

"Son, are you asleep ?", the father asked.
The son sat up and replied, "No".
The father handed to the son a 10 dollar note, "I am sorry I had lost my temper, this is the 10 dollars you have asked for".
The son took the 10 dollar note gleefully and held his pillow up. Under the pillow, was a stack of small dollar notes and coins. The son counted the money carefully while the father looked on confused as to how his son managed to get so much money.

After counting, the son handed to his father the stack of notes, coins and his father's 10 dollar note. "Dad, can I buy one hour of your time to come home early and have dinner with me ?", the son asked. The father was speechless, he was so busy with his work that he had neglected his family and the son had hoped to pay him to have dinner with him.

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