Friday, June 8, 2007

Post-Breakup "Invoice"

This is one post-breakup story which had me stunned for five minutes. I am not kidding...

A week after the couple had broken up, the lady received a letter from her ex-boyfriend. Her ex-boyfriend had mailed a computerised "invoice", a stack of receipts and a letter addressing to her. In the letter, the ex-boyfriend requested her to pay him the total monetary amount printed in the "invoice" for all expenses he had spent on her during the courtship period.

Upon reading the "invoice", she almost fainted. The ex-boyfriend had noted down the prices of every single flower, teddy bear, gift and meal that he had paid for her over the period they were together. In the end, the lady simply issued a cheque to the guy.

When I hear the story, I almost could not believe my ears. I thought my friend was joking, my friend told me later that my jaw opened very wide after I had heard the story.

Do most guys take notes on all the amount of money they spent during dates so that they are able to reclaim the money from the ladies after breakups ? It is understandable that the meals and gifts may be of substantial amount but the guys may wish to discuss with their girlfriends that each pays for one's own meals at times and the ladies could even give their boyfriends treats occasionally. To demand payment for presents given to the other party after breakups, I think the gesture is very rude.

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