Thursday, June 7, 2007

Methods Used To Initiate Breakups

Recently, I had heard quite a number of stories related by my friends on the methods used to initiate relationship breakups. Technology is commonly used to initiate breakups as the initiators are unwilling to meet fact-to-face with their going-to-be exs.

Friend #1 : "How could he simply send a SMS to me on one night saying that he wanted to breakup ? I wanted to sit down and talk to him but he refused and changed his handphone number."

Friend #2 : "My friend was dumped by his girlfriend with a short and simple email full of abbreviations sent to him. She did not even want to discuss with him on their problems."

Friend #3 : "My friend received a fax from her boyfriend that he had gone abroad to study and wanted a breakup."

Friend #4 : "I was once notified of a breakup by my ex-boyfriend on my handphone voice recording. He refused to meet me even though I had hoped to talk about the breakup face-to-face."

To me, it seems that these breakup initiators are not serious about their relationships in the first place. It is understandable that a boy-girl relationship may not always work out successfully but the initiators should discuss the breakups with their partners face-to-face on their problems though they may not wish to remain as friends with their ex-partners. To inform their ex-partners on their breakup intentions via written and voice messages is a gesture showing no respect and bad attitude to other people. Hopefully, there are not many of these incidents happening.

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