Friday, June 22, 2007

Online Translation Application

I was writing a document in English and Chinese when I found myself struggling to remember the Chinese translation of an English word. I used two different online translation applications offered by Google and Altavista's Babel Fish for assistance.

Both applications translated my English word as shown in the images. However, the translated Chinese words were entirely different. Personally, I feel that it may be necessary to have some knowledge on the two languages to use the online translation applications in order to select the translated words that best reflect the meaning of the words in the original documents or discard the translated words.

In this case, I have to check up the translated Chinese words given by both applications and select the most suited version for my own use while while in some other cases, I had to modify partially as none reflected the original meaning.

Altavista's Babel Fish is at Google's translation is at

Lastly, why didn't the two applications include the feature of translating Latin to English ??

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