Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Short Story On Complaining Unfairness

I have often hear many people including myself complaining of unfairness when things do not go our way and we feel being unfairly judged by judges in competitions, our bosses in our workplaces, our parents and the list goes on endlessly.

When my mother first heard me screaming "this is so unfair" at the top of my voice, she simply smiled and asked me this question, "Do you know why your heart is placed at the left hand side of our body ?" I simply stared at her not knowing how to answer her.

My mother began explaining her own view, "We always say that our feelings come from our hearts. However, our feelings, judgements on people and issues vary individually and are never fair because we have added in our own personal consideration factors before passing our judgements. These personal factors have included personal preferences and dislikes which are unjust factors. The heart is thus not located at the centre as it will never be fair."

She then told me her own "philosophy" and that is, in her own words, "Accept the fact and get on with your life. Anyway, you will never know who is prejudiced in your favour instead of against you."

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